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CT technology as competitive advantage

User story from the plastics industry: Klein Kunststofftechnik

Demand for plastic components is growing in many end-user industries, such as automotive, packaging, electronics, and medical. At the same time, the need for more sustainable production and minimization of scrap is increasing. Future technologies such as industrial computed tomography are helping companies to meet the emerging challenges. Klein Kunststofftechnik, a medium-sized company, also relies on computer tomography for initial sampling and production monitoring produced plastic parts. This puts the company one step ahead of its market competitors and customers - often much larger companies. 

"It's almost a tradition for us to introduce technologies before others do," Michael Klein tells us, visibly proud. The managing director of Klein Kunststofftechnik is one of the three founders of the family business, along with his father Josef and his brother Walter Klein. In 1982, the brothers took over responsibility for the business - a difficult time, as Michael Klein reports, but also one that the company overcame through courage and foresight. "For example, we used PCs and the Internet early on, making work easier for ourselves and our customers - when others were still relying on pencils, letters and fax machines."

Today, the company's quality assurance department houses an industrial computer tomograph (CT) - the ZEISS METROTOM 1. "Here again, we are several years ahead of other companies of a similar size," the managing director is pleased to say. The entry-level CT model is compact, user-friendly, low-maintenance and offers an attractive price/performance ratio - and thus proved to be the optimal option for Klein Kunststofftechnik. The compact ZEISS solution consisting of hardware and software offers an end-to-end workflow for the reliable inspection of plastic parts.

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