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In-Depth Surface Understanding

ZEISS surface finish and roughness solutions for every task you face

ZEISS is the one-stop A-Z solution provider for surface finish and roughness measurements that underpin quality assurance and production monitoring. Its portfolio delivers detailed and informative data for confident decision-making in all applications, ensuring dynamic and reliable results. These tactile and optical solutions can be used to inspect, characterize, and measure complex geometries, topographies, and roughness levels of finished and functional surfaces.

Flexible solutions for inspecting, characterizing and measuring complex parts
During quality inspection and surface analysis of parts, operators must perform high-precision measurements to ensure that each part meets all tolerances for surface profile, contour and roughness.

Precision roughness measurement with CMMs on powertrain components
Boasting 3 rotary axes, ZEISS ROTOS can reproducibly measure the entire surface roughness in any direction – ensuring optimum accessibility and increased flexibility. It additionally supports automated surface inspection of all geometric features, thereby safeguarding product quality and promoting a high throughput.

All inspection characteristics and roughness tolerances checked in single automated run fully compliant with standards
No reclamping, minimal setup times, flexible modular design
Roughness measurement integrated into CMM measuring sequence

Precision roughness measurement with CMMs on blisks and curved workpiece surfaces
ZEISS ROTOS can reproducibly measure the surface roughness at various locations on the airfoil in a fully automated process. It can therefore be paired with the RS-10 (RS-4) roughness stylus, which is ideal for blisk measurements due to its accessibility on concave surfaces and given the narrow gaps between the airfoils.

Reduce costs with intensive roughness measurement of each individual blisk
Vast number of measurements and tolerances processed with ease in ZEISS CALYPSO and ZEISS PiWeb

Surface analysis of hip shells
SURFCOM delivers the compliance with tolerances, stability of measurement, and parameter-based analysis essential for inspecting hip shells. Its sensor performs a skidless trace to obtain high-resolution digitized scans.

Linear motor drive technology for lowest possible noise on X-axis tracing driver
Form removal filter unwinds curvature; Lc and Gaussian roughness filters available
SURFCOM results ready for thorough analysis in ACCTee PRO metrology software
A modular design allows the choice of a transducer suitable to the application.
A hybrid transducer measures both contour (large stroke) and surface roughness (high resolution).  

Optical solutions
Optical surface measurement scans surface fine structure and sensitive materials without contact. 2D characteristic values and 3D surface parameters can be determined that capture the properties of the microstructure.

Optical microscope solutions for industry
The ZEISS laser scanning confocal microscope LSM 900 for materials features powerful automation capabilities. It is ideal for topography surface characterization, area and profile roughness, and thin film measurements. The widefield confocal microscope ZEISS Smartproof 5 offers high throughput and plug-and-play operation. It performs texture or topography surface characterization as well as area and profile roughness measurements. 

Surface analysis of laser-polished additively manufactured 316L stainless steel
The integrated widefield microscope ZEISS Smartproof 5 quickly captures 2.5D topography and quantifies roughness values, processing all relevant parameters and enabling direct comparison of multiple surface finishes in ZEISS Confomap analysis software.

Smartproof 5 characterizes the surface quality of the steel in a quick and reliable way, making it possible to quantify the surface smoothing achieved, evaluate the process quality of laser polishing, and narrow down a suitable process window for surface treatment of additively manufactured 316L stainless steel
Provides high throughput surface analyses featuring an ideal balance between required high image resolution and acquisition speed and repeatable results.

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