Rotex® GS Miniature couplings fra KTR Systems Norge AS

31. desember 2025

Product characteristics
Tested for clean rooms
Standard bellow with six shafts, optionally bellow with four shafts
Torques from 0,1 to 15 Nm
Bore diameter from 2 to 25 mm
Tmax.= 100 °C
Design 1.1 without keyway with setscrew
Design 2.5, double slotted clamping hub, without keyway
Hubs are glued to the bellow
Hubs made from aluminium
This series was designed for the drive of shaft encoders
Measuring and control systems, stepping motors, etc.
Explosion protection rated and confirmed acc. to EG Directive 94/9/EG

Coupling description
ROTEX® GS is a three-part, axial plug-in coupling backlash-free under pre-stress. In spite of its vibration-damping characteristics it is torsionally stiff so that it is not necessary to make any concessions to accuracy even with highly dynamic servo drives. ROTEX® GS is available in different types of hubs which can be combined within one coupling size.

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KTR Systems Norge AS

KTR Systems Norge AS
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Ørnulf Gaarder
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