POLY-NORM® AR (2-piece) fra KTR Systems Norge AS

31. desember 2025

Product characteristics
- Shaft coupling for torque transmission and damping of torsional vibrations
- Axial plug-in - easy assembly - maintenance free
- Particularly small mounting length - for small shaft distance dimensions
- Operative range from - 30 °C to + 80 °C peak temperature of up to + 120ºC
- Compensation for axial, radial and angular shaft misalignments
- Use in general machinery
- Explosion protection rated and confirmed acc. to EG Directive 94/0/EG

Coupling description
The POLY-NORM® coupling is a torsionally flexible, shear type shaft coupling. It has an axial plug-in design with a unique short over all length. The POLY-NORM® can be used in nearly all types of machinery and is ideal for the pump industry.
The POLY-NORM® coupling compensates for shaft misalignment of all kinds and safely transmits the torque.

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KTR Systems Norge AS

KTR Systems Norge AS
Lahaugmoveien 81
2013 Skjetten

Ørnulf Gaarder
Telefon: +47 98241063

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