T-PUR® − The new heart of Rotex® fra KTR Systems Norge AS

31. desember 2025

Today‘s spider compounds are restricted within certain limits with extreme applications. For the new heart of our ROTEX® we have defined new standards: T-PUR®.

For the new material we have improved our standards mainly with regard to fatigue strength and temperature resistance compared to standard elastomers, keeping all other positive technical characteristics such as damping and resistance to wear unchanged. Thus, the new material can be used with temperatures from -50 °C to +150 °C. Subject to the higher service life the maintenance intervals and as a result the costs can be reduced.The new material T-PUR is used for all single-parted spiders of ROTEX jaw couplings from size 14 to size 180.

NEW: On the occasion of the Hannover Fair 2013 the new single-parted spiders of ROTEX® from size 100 or a rated torque of 5.000 Nm to 35.000 Nm will be introduced. Up to now the single-parted spiders have been available in T-PUR® up to size 90 only. The segmented DZ elements which will continue to be available have been standard from size 100 up to now.

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