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Hurtigklemmer - Toggle clamps

Toggle clamps, power and toggle clamps Toggle clamps function according to the knee-lever principle and can be operated with very little expenditure o ...

Glidelagre - Plain bearing

norelem manufacturer and supplier of standard parts offers various types of plain bearings in materials such as bronze, steel, plastic and ceramics. R ...

Føringsskinner & Føringsvogner - Plastic slide guides

Technical data for DryLin saddle slides Eccentric forces Some recommendations must be followed in order to use the maintenance-free DryLin linear bear ...

Linear ball bearings

Linear ball bearings – also known as ball bearing bushes or shaft guides – use linear motion to guide a machine element along a cylindrical shaft with ...

Styrebøssinger - Drill bushes

Drill bushes enable the rapid drilling of workpieces without having to repeatedly measure and mark out the drilling positions. These practical aids, w ...

Ringskruer - Ring bolts/nuts

For high demand hoisting and carrying tasks in safety-relevant areas (machine construction, load handling equipment, lifting tackle). DIN 580 / 582 Re ...

Gjengeinnsatser - Threaded inserts

Different models of thread inserts. For example, solid, locking, reinforced or self-threading. Read more at norelem.com and order in our online-shop

Swivel feet

Material: Form A,G: Foot high carbon steel, ball element free-cutting steel. Form B: All stainless steel Form C: Foot POM, ball element free-cutting s ...

Leddføtter - Swivel pads

Leddføtter - Swivel pads Ball element case-hardened steel. Thrust pad ETG 100 steel. Read more at norelem.com and order in our online-shop Rest pads a ...

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