Marel Labeling- C3 Panel Label Applicator

26. april 2022

Accurate label placement

  • Fast label changeover
  • Low maintenance
  • Driven side belts for optimum pack retention
  • Can be integrated with a weigh price labeler

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Fast and accurate
The user-friendly C3 Panel Label Applicator offers wrap-around C labeling of pre-printed self-adhesive labels onto two or three sides of a tray or container. A unique brush wiper assembly ensures 100% adhesion of the label to the pack.

Integration with a printer
With a thermal transfer printer integrated with the machine, additional information such as bar code, sell by, best before and nutritional details can be added to the label prior to it being applied to the pack.

Can operate as a weighing system
The applicator can operate as a Weigh Price Labeler or Checkweigher when integrated with a weighing system. The C3 then issues a printed label with per-pack variable information.

  • Stainless steel construction
  • Consistent label accuracy
  • Labeling speeds at up to 80 packs per minute
  • Quick release fitting for fast label change
  • Upstream communication to optional weighing device
  • Connects to a weight price labeler or an integral weighing unit


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