SH Group provides a complete solution on-site

27. november 2020

We can help you with identification, fabrication and installation of your hoses on-site. With
this customised solution we minimize the risk of mistakes, because we perform the measurement and fitting on-site and install it right away – a quick and easy solution for you.

Design your service package
After changing the hoses we can help you implement data in your own Enterprise Asset Management system (EAM) that tells you all about the hoses and when replacement is
We can make a complete hose management system, where we implement hose lists and
maintenance schedules in your existent EAM system.

Mobile hose containers
We have two well-equipped 20 feet containers that enable us to produce hoses on-site.
All hoses are manufactured in accordance to the strict rules mentioned in the Marine Equipment
Directive 96/98/EC (MED). SH Group is MED certified body by DNV.

During pressure test all hoses are flushed with hydraulic fluid and we ensure cleanness of the
fluid to fulfil ISO 4406:1999 17/15/12 equivalents to NAS 1638 class 6. After pressure test and flushing the hoses are sealed and ready for installation.

The hoses are supplied with MED certificate, pressure test certificate, and a customised hose
list. We provide tagging of hoses and deliver low frequency chip, if required.

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