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Cyber Security Appliance

Basic functionality The MLS Guard system is an information gateway for specific communication protocols. The gateway is localized between information security/clearance levels within the IT infrastructure where it is deployed.

Natively Secure (Secure by design)
Keys are stored in volatile memory (lost when power-down)

 Full-custom VPX backplane with physical separation of power supply domains and only allowed data-paths (10G + 1G)
Internal steel walls and screened cables for EMI (Tempest)

 Stainless Steel enclosure is bended and welded

No screws to be opened
Lid can only be opened, when front door is open

Multi-level physical access control

– Locked => Normal operation
– Unlocked => Check permissions
– Front door open => Access to service interfaces and disks
– Lid open => Direct physical access to all electronics
 Customizable Hardened BIOS

– Integrity verification through CRC
– No boot on tamper detection
– HW and SW write protection
– All un-used interfaces are disabled
Sysgo PikeOS secure hypervisor BSP

Common Criteria – EAL 4 Certification in process

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