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Fish Classification using Zebra Aurora™ Vision Studio

30. juni 2022

Do you need to analyze a variety of objects where there may be some unclear boundaries for what is good and bad? In that case, AI may be something to take a closer look at. Make your own AI Applications

Direct part marking codes for track & trace with smart AI

28. juni 2022

Read direct part marking codes for track & trace with smart AI. The most difficult 1D & 2D codes can easily be handle and secure the whole process in the manufactory.

Summertime - Solutions, service and support by Recab

23. juni 2022

If you need to get in touch with us, we are open as usual for solutions, service and support during the summer

NEW: Industrial motherboard with 5G Connection

15. juni 2022

Let us introduce the MANO321, a fanless, low-profile mini-ITX Industrial motherboard with 5G capability that can be a flexible piece to develop IoT environments - manufacturing industry.

Programmable keyboards for industrial use – IP 65

9. mai 2022

Protected against dust and splash water, with various integrated mouse functions and, if required, even shielded. Protection class IP 65. Regardless of whether for industrial, public or military applications, whether on land, water or in the air.

Recab: Build your own industrial WiFi device

2. mai 2022

Meets the industrial requirements of applications such as onboard computers, CCTV, medical equipment, mining equipment, military DCE, explosion proof device...

Reliable Stainless Steel Panel PC Solutions

29. april 2022

The ViTAM series comes in panel PCs & industrial monitors with all-around features, the Panel PCs are ready for ARM based or X86, its IP66 & IP69K-certified with M12 connectors & based platform which deliver four computing performance levels.

Rugged Laptop Designed to challenging work

28. april 2022

An innovative solution designed to help the challenging work of the public sector like- Police, Fire brigades, and Rescue Services, but also other sectors where other technology often fails.

Recab GUIDE: The sensors in Industry 4.0

27. april 2022

Sensors are used across a wide range of applications. Some are simpler, straightforward solutions in our daily life. Examples of these types of solutions are automatic doors, vending machines, elevators, car washes, garbage trucks and touch pads.

AirXroad/4P: All-in-one: AP/client/repeater/Mesh/router

26. april 2022

Recab presents AirXroad/4P an 11n WiFi access point, Ethernet bridge, repeater & MESH point for automotive & heavy duty applications. AirXroad/4P is E-marked ECE R10* and can thus be installed in full safety aboard of all on-road equipment.

12 Videos Industrial Machine Vision & Fixed scanner

25. april 2022

How to use - Examples: Machine vision & fixed industrial scanning systems must be so simple to use that every worker can operate them, regardless of tech savviness. See our video examples for a Flawless Automation

VBOX-3131 an ultra-compact size fanless In-Vehicle Computer

22. april 2022

VBOX-3131 utilizes Intel ATOM Braswell N3060 Dual Core CPU up to 2.48GHz. VBOX-3131 feature an ultra-compact design measuring 150 x 135 x 55.3mm, which can easily fit into restricted spaces - with 5G connectivity

Bring quality & continuity to the Food & Beverage industry

21. april 2022

Challenges in food and beverage industry – Machine Vision – quality & continuity Let us bring quality and continuity into your business for a long term and lower your costs, – reduce production stoppages and errors in production.

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